Our customers love our service! Here's what they have to say:

We are so grateful to Superior Landscaping for installing drainage, irrigation, sod and preparing our whole yard for planting. They did an amazing job and completed the job very quickly. We are very satisfied and would recommend this company to our friends!

Pat Strayen

I would definitely recommend Superior Landscaping. The owner, Jose, was easy to communicate and very knowledgeable. Pricing was fair and did a great job. It was done within a few days. I’m happy with the complete job!

Baharudin Bachtiar

I wanted to send a line to say what a great job Francisco did at our new house. He and his team were very professional, showed up on time, and did an amazing job in taking down five huge trees. At the end of the job, everything was done exactly like we expected it, and the back yard was so clean it was hard to believe they were there. I really appreciate how much very cared about the safety of all properties around the trees; I will recommend Francisco and his team to all my friends.

Regards- Piera Bignetti

This letter is intended to serve as a professional reference for P&R Professional Tree Service (P&R). Diversified Service Contracting, Inc. (DSC), as the prime contractor for all U.S. Coast Guard Military Family Housing Maintenance requirements (Concord District) has employed P&R for the past two years as our contract arborist, responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the trees community wide. Over the course of our contract relationship we have found P&R to be completely professional, totally reliable and above reproach in their performance of any and all task requirements. Based on their past performance and current efforts, I whole heartedly recommend P&R for any tree related services you might require. If you have any questions or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely- Steven Lindridge, Contract Manager

P&R Tree Company is the most professional tree service company I have ever used. Not only are their prices competitive, they are quick to bid a job, and from trimming a tree, to cutting one down, they know their business. P&R has advised my clients on the best time of year to trim a specific type of tree, if a tree has a deep or shallow root system and if it can do damage to a home's foundation if planted too close, the best method to remove a stump, along with countless other questions only a true tree professional could answer. I am a full time Realtor as well as a property manager in the East Bay and I highly recommend Jose, Fernando and the crew. It makes my job easier if I have vendors I can trust to do a good job for my clients and P&R is definitely who I call.

Elisa Uribe Realtor, Wells and Bennett Realtors

The purpose of this letter is advise anyone that may read it of the excellent work performed by P & R tree service regarding the work performed on pruning the trees running the length of our street, Balleybay. Furthermore, they also pruned a major tree located in the park adjacent to my home. On a more private basis, they have also done excellent work in maintaining the trees in both of my yard areas. Mr. Partida has worked for me for the last twenty years both personally and in my business as an independent contractor. He has landscaped many of the homes I have sold as part of the staging process and has always done excellent and timely work.

Very Truly Yours- Walter Jacobs

I own the property at 1142 McKinley Avenue in Oakland. I had a large white acacia tree that was hitting my building and the one next to it. P&R removed it without any damage to plants or to the buildings. They were on time, cleaned up everything and were very courteous. Their price was very reasonable.

Sincerely- Mill Dorntge, Owner

Partida's Gardening has been performing the weekly landscaping maintenance for our Homeowners Association for more than 10 years. Our 26-home community is recognized as one of the best maintained and best looking neighborhoods in Blackhawk. We are highly satisfied with Jose and his crew's reliability, dedication and expertise in keeping our lawns, hedges and other planting areas looking spectacular all year round. Jose is also quick to diagnose and remedy any sprinkler or other small maintenance issues, often without extra charge. Partida's Gardening has continued to provide excellent service and value for us and we are more than satisfied with the results. We have recently used P & R Tree Service for regular maintenance of the trees in our Homeowners Association common areas. P&R was selected for their knowledge and expertise, as well as the value of their services. In addition to general trimming up of many trees and cutting limbs away from our homes, we also had one large dead tree completely removed. P & R did so with no disruption to the surrounding area and removed the stump and patched so completely that you would never know there was once a tree there. We would definitely use P&R Tree Service in the future.

Sincerely- James Herold

I highly recommend, P & R Tree Service and Jose Partida. I have contracted with P&R Tree Service on several occasions and have been provided professional courteous service at a competitive rate. Jose is punctual and responsible completing my projects on weekends as requested. Followed my directions and completed all projects on time and within budget. I will use P & R Tree Service in the future.

Best Regards- Ray Cordova, Facilities Supervisor for Cobham SATCOM Marine Systems

It is not often in today’s business environment to find a company that provides exceptional customer service each and every time they show up. I have been in business over thirty years and I continue to be surprised at businesses that are profit driven with no concern for customer service, they are short sighted and short lived. You and your crew have been an asset to me not only for your gardening, tree trimming and maintenance services, but for all the little things I ask of you, your recommendations and your conscious effort to minimize cost. You show up on time, do what you say you are going to do, no excuses, no extra charges. You "Get It" and I will be happy to provide you a reference any time you need. Keep up the good work and I look forward to long prosperous relationship.

Regards- Phillip J. Hince, Birch Development

This letter of referral is to acknowledge the professional service provided by P&R Tree Service. I have worked with Jose Partida for the last 20 years and he has provided the utmost personal care for our community: Jose complies with ISA pruning standards and is very thorough in all projects conducted for us here at the Community of Harbor located in Alameda, California. I look forward to utilizing P & R tree service in the future and continue the great working relationship.

Thank you- Joseph R. Landaeta CLT
Director of Maintenance Operations for Community of Harbor Bay Isle

I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the very fine gardening you have done for me rain or shine for over 8 years. You have also kept a watchful eye on the property and reported to me any out points that you have noticed. I recall you calling me about the full grown poplar tree in the back of the building that was acting different when the wind blew. You said, "That tree acts like it is hollow on the inside." I subsequently had a tree company come out and inspect it. It turned out that 4 of those full grow trees were removed. The one you called me about was 80% hollow. This was an extreme danger to people and property. Taking responsibility for one you observed saved me. So, I want to thank you for nearly 9 years of great service.

Sincerely- Dr. Jerry Gray

We have used P&R Tree Service to trim or remove trees on several of our rental properties. This company did a good job and their prices were very competitive with other tree companies in the area. We will continue to use this company and recommend them to other owners who are in need of tree trimming or tree removal.

Respectfully- Cliff Wood, Affordable Property Management Company

Thank you- You and your crew did a great job. I will be recommending you whenever I can.

Jim R.

I want to thank you for the great landscaping service you did at my house. I would completely recommend P&R Tree Service for all your landscaping needs. I have never been disappointed in either the quality of the work or the amount I've paid. Jose Partida and his team are dedicated and professional they work carefully with you. And this is how a business should run. P&R Tree Service laid new sad in my front yard in front of my house they did a beautiful job. The lawn they installed and maintain always looks great. They are easily the best landscaping company in town; I would recommend them to everyone.

Shirley Corrales, Satisfied customer

I have worked with Jose Partida for over 20 years. I always have confidence that he will do what is asked of him and his word of commitment is solid. The work that he and his company perform is done with sincere interest in the customer's best interest. I would recommend Partida's Gardening for your landscape maintenance and tree care needs.

Cliff Bates, Jean Bates & Associates

This message is to express my complete satisfaction with the work that was done by Jose Partida's Tree Service. I recently hired him to remove a very large dying tree from my front yard, and replace it with a 24" Magnolia. Jose's service was prompt, professional, and precise. The work was top quality, and the results are excellent. I would highly recommend this company in the future.

Pnina Levermore, Millbrae, California

As a homeowner’s association manager, I have used P&R Tree Service many times to prune trees in both the Freeport Woodbridge Bay Estates Homeowners’ Associations. These associations are located in an urban forest and our trees are very important to us. Jose is professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. He always is prompt in getting our proposals back and at a reasonable rate as well. The crews are efficient and courteous to our residents. Thanks to P&R our trees look great and continue to thrive.

Suzanne Ashby, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM,
Association Manager Community of Harbor Bay Isle

In 2006 Jose Partida was contracted to install approximately 15,000 square feet of landscape improvements during development of a multi tenant industrial complex at 2661 Alvarado Street, San Leandro. The improvements included installing hundreds of linear feet of automated irrigation, more than 25 fifteen gallon trees and numerous shrubs. The work was performed promptly, at the agreed upon price and was of the highest quality. Jose was one of the easier subcontractors to work with during the project. I would readily hire him to do similar work should the occasion arise. Subsequent to the installation work, Jose was contracted to perform weekly maintenance of the grounds. Jose performs his assignment without fail, keeps me informed of any significant issues or concerns and has responded promptly to any urgent needs. Additionally, Jose has expanded his service and now performs tree trimming-to keep the trees healthy while managing-their growth. Do not hesitate to contact me if you'd like further details.

Sincerely- Bob Legallet, Property Manager

B & R Landscaping, Inc. is a private contractor that provides multiple types of Maintenance services at various military installations and HOA. As such, it is with great pleasure that I offer this letter of recommendation related to our tree services subcontractor, P & R Professional Tree Service. P & R Professional Tree Service has been performing tree pruning services for B&R Landscaping. Inc. at several accounts. During this period, P&R's performance has been highly satisfactory; they have met all contract requirements on time and within the pre¬-negotiated contract prices. Their staff is extremely professional and highly proficient in the services they perform. They have also exhibited a willingness-to go beyond what is expected of them to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Therefore, as previously noted, it is with pleasure that I endorse this company. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.

Respectfully- Jorge Beleche, CEO B&R Landscaping, Inc.